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Personal Perspective

As a Veteran of multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, World Wide Hotspots; I had the opportunity to discover, learn, and grow within the basis of the worst and best places in the world. My global endeavors and personal experiences taught me an immense deal of “general life knowledge” and cognitive content that no institution or schoolhouse can instruct; and through out real life events and direct exposure to complex circumstances, I had to learn to grown and mature into someone that is always looking at the “big scheme and thinking out of the box”, as today’s society continues to evolve, I also continue to master in every possible aspect of our life that has a direct impact in the role we all play and encounter as: leaders, parents, professionals, educators, mentors and Veterans. If you allow me the opportunity and honor to meet and discuss your goals or concerns  I can assure you it would be beneficial; however, if my services are not what you need or seek, I will do everything possible within my ability to direct  you in the right path accordingly. My main goal is to assist anyone that has the desire for a better life and future.