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About My Military – Civilian Background

I joined the United States Army in May of 1989 and Honorable retired in February of 2014

My first duty assignment was in Fort Sill, Oklahoma follow up to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as part of the All American 82nd Airborne Division and 18th Airborne Corps with deployment to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Upon completion of this assignment, I reported to the 8th Army, in the peninsula of South Korea and adjacent units. Following further assignment to the 82nd Airborne and then re- assign back to Fort Benning, Georgia where I served under 3ID, 3BDE. Sub-sequence deploying multiple-times to the middle east region to include Iraq and other countries as well.

My career continue with a new assignment to Fort Bliss Texas, attending the Prestigious United States Army Sergeant Major Academy and follow relocation 1st Army Division East, Kentucky and Mississippi assignments and further deployments to Afghanistan.

Upon completion of this duty, I returned to Fort Leavenworth Kansas, for further education; culminating in Fort Campbell Kentucky, with the101st Airborne Division and deploying again to Afghanistan and returning back to Fort Campbell for Retirement and culminating my career as a Command Sergeant Major. 

After an influential long service career, I continue to further expand my overall knowledge by becoming a Family Service Counselor, in one of the largest companies in North America. This position definitely brought me a particular sense of personal pride and accomplishment; as I found myself  growing even more and having a truthful personal satisfaction as I experienced many families overcoming their struggles and endeavors.

My personal quest and desire continued  improving different aspects of my life.  It took me to a different path in the business and marketing world where I learned the traits and skills of high achievers like: CEO’s,  Business Managers, Consultants and Supervisors at the Federal and State higher levels.

Currently and on addition to my Life Coach career I also find the time and commitment to volunteer for two position within the full spectrum of our local community.

As a former Army leader, I still feel compel to continue providing mentor-ship to our fellow Veterans and as such, I became a volunteer (Mentor) for Veterans at “El Paso Veterans Treatment Court”, furthermore, I also report to the Cohen Military Clinic at Family Endeavors to instruct formal “Anger Management Classes” at no cost.

My life’s straightforward experiences and knowledge speak for themselves. I’m the type of Professional seeking to change people’s lives for a better present time and brighter future; I’m not seeking glory neither money but the sole satisfaction of coaching people to become truthful to themselves.