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What is a Life Coach?

A diligent cultivated professional in a chosen niche or multiple fields. An individual whose expertise is to inspire, influence, transform, develop, empower, support, guide, assist, hold accountable and sometimes mentor anyone to maximize their fullest potential and attain success in a major transition phase of your personal life or profession.

Is Life Coaching Therapy?

No it is not, as therapy is often used either alone or in combination with a variety of treatment techniques and medications to treat illness or other related  issues.

In comparison, Life Coaching, has many approaches, is a design alliance between the Coach and the client, where the coaching relationship and main focus, continually gives the power back to the the client becoming self reliant. This type of coaching might be accomplish or develop by: inspiring, influence, transforming, mentoring, determining the clients goals and guiding the client in a creating plan; as much more can apply. Life Coaching, focuses primary in the present time and future.

Reasons to hire or need a Life Coach?
  • Privacy and confidentially at their best
  • Coaching takes place in a place or selection of your choice
  • Candid and truthful professional one and one interaction
  • You want to find the right purpose in your life
  • It is not a therapy session but self grow statement
  • To unlock your unlimited potential
  • You are unclear how to overcome a particular aspect of your life
  • The desire to change some of your beliefs system but have uncertainties
  • To close the gap between where you at, and where you want to go.
  • To improve your social relationships and personal skills
  • To achieve and attain what has been holding you back.
Who can benefit from Life Coaching?

There is no restricted answer as we all can benefit from becoming more successful in our lives. However, the short answer is people that wishes to better themselves and accomplish more in life and of course people who are struggling and different life events. See as the world continues to evolve, life itself can be overwhelming creating difficult challenges and negative effects in many aspects of our life. Including, personal and professional relationships, unstable emotional states, anger management problems, work enviroment struggles, lack of success and unhappiness to include some!

Benefits of a life Coach?
  • Life coaching brings balance and achievement into our lives.
  • Motivate and challenge you to take action to improve your decision making process
  • Provide with the necessary strategies to create the results you want
  • It is about removing the obstacles that can stop us from unlocking our true potential.
  • It is to encourage you to go beyond your perceived barriers
  • It will help you go from where you are in your life, and where you want to go
  • Help you overcome mental obstacles and self limiting beliefs
  • I t will develop you in someone unstoppable either in your personal life or choosing career.
  • The ultimate goal is to bring happiness, peace of mind and success into your life.
Is Life Coaching Confidential?
Absolutely, and yes, all meetings and sessions are private and confidential between the client and the Coach; need to know basis only; unless you, the client determines to bring an escort as a form of  additional moral support and encouragement; this it is your right, but not recommend, as it can create an uneasy an lack of openness environment for yourself.
Are there any Professional Life Coaching Standards?

Yes, The International Coach Federation, Orange County Institute (LCIOC) is the direct and leading organization that monitors and sets the  regulations and standards for all professional coaching ethics, training and practices. I’m an Associate certified Coach accredited by the  International Coach Federation and I’m fully abide and committed to adhere and respect to all the (ICF) Standards of Ethical Conduct.

What happens during a session?
Please keep in mind that some sessions will differ in content, however, the initial consultation, interview is the foundation of the future coaching sessions. It is during the first meeting that you will be given a small assessment to see where you stand in different aspect of your life, as they can definitely have a direct impact in your desire goals. Here, we will unofficially discuss your goals, blueprint, and identify if my services are what you need and desire.

Once “you” have made the decision to stay or leave; we will review the initial ‘s information; next a (coaching session goal) will be created in order to ensure that something specific to your goals will be effective and on track. A meticulous review of that particular goal will be discussed, and a further analysis will be implemented. Critical questions and results will be evaluated for further advancement and we will continue the process, until we see a clear and effective progress within the desire goal.

How many Life Coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on your personal goals or desire blueprint; most clients seek a coach with a life changing goal in mind. Not everyone is similar in their desire to transform themselves immediately, at this is a unique quest for a better life. Some clients achieve a tremendous progress on 6 weeks, however we are all different in nature. A formal coaching program is about 8 to 10 weeks depending on the end state and individual’s commitment.